•      Two speed modes: Driving and 
  •      Allows users to independently "Block" or "Allow":
  •          »Texting   and/or    »Phone Calls    and/or    »Apps
  •      Allows the driver to prepare a preset text message and automatically responds to all blocked texts and phone calls
  •      Curb apps can be linked across operating systems so that Android phones and iPhones can link together
  •      Includes built-in battery saving features
  •      Includes built-in smart motion detection to maximize effectivness when function blocking is activated
Curb Pro™
  •      Includes all of the basic Curb features listed above.
  •      Includes a "Notify" setting in addition to the "Block" and "Allow" settings.  If the linked driver pledges to being a passenger or experiencing an emergency, a notification that they used the phone is sent to Curb Pro
  •      In addition to Curb being available for free, Curb Pro is very inexpensive and requires no subscription services like similar apps in the market.  One parent or employer can link to four drivers for the one time cost of a single Curb Pro download
  •      Curb Pro controls up to four basic Curb apps 
  •      Curb Pro includes tamper and inactivation alerts whenever basic Curb is uninstalled, disabled, or linked to another phone