Curb™ and Curb Pro™ Link your Phones
    Curb is FREE and blocks selected functions at unsafe speeds. You select the speed mode (                / Driving) and the functions to disable (Texting, Phone Calls, Apps).  Curb then pevents the dangers of those distractions by blocking access to the selected funtions.
Curb can be used by itself or linked to one or two Curb Pro apps.  Once linked, the Curb Pro app controls all the basic Curb settings.
   Emergency use (calls to the phone that Curb is linked to and 911 services) is never blocked
                              Curb Pro™
     Curb Pro is FREE and can be linked to four basic apps to control all settings of those apps.
     Curb Pro independently controls each phone it is linked to via "Allow," "Notify," and "Block" settings.
     "Notify" allows drivers to perform functions, but usage is monitored and reported to the Curb Pro phone.  "Notify" can be used to coach drivers to avoid phone use and its distractions while driving.  If the linked driver violates expectations, then the "Block" setting can be used. When "Block" is activated, only emergency phone numbers (911 and the Curb Pro phone it is linked to) can be dialed and all other functions are blocked.
                    How does Curb™ and Curb Pro™ differ from other apps?
    Privacy:  Curb and Curb Pro are very easy to use and are completely PRIVATE.  No information is exchanged over the web, collected, or stored by Curb.  Curb and Curb Pro require no Data plan or Wi-Fi to operate (used by Curb Pro only to visually map notification locations).  How families or employers choose to use Curb and Curb Pro is known only to themselves.
 Curb Pro allows monitored drivers to simply pledge that they are using the phone during an emergency or as a passenger while moving.  When a pledge is made, basic Curb notifies each linked Curb Pro app (up to two) of the pledge.  Each notification includes the time, location, and manner in which the phone was used and is clearly displayed within the Curb Pro app.  We believe that a pledge approach is more desirable than other apps that strictly require blocked drivers to request functional use every time they are passengers.  Curb's notification feature provides parents and employers the ability to verify that monitored drivers are acting responsibly while avoiding the hassle and conflicts that arise when blocked drivers demand an immediate response to functional requests every time they are passengers.  If a review of the pledge notifications reveals that a driver is taking advantage of the pledge feature, Curb Pro can disable the pledge feature and simply "Block" functionality.

    Tamper Notifications:
 Curb detects most types of tampering and unintentional setting changes that could cause the app to function incorrectly and automatically alerts Curb Pro of those events.

    Full Control from one Phone:
  Functional control of monitored drivers is accessed via an easy to use interface within Curb Pro.  A parent or employer will never need to touch or install passwords on a linked driver's phone.