Frequently Asked Questions
Is Curb completely private?
Yes.  Curb developers have no access to any information you enter into Curb.  Absolutely no information is shared in any manner over the web, through your data plan, or with any other third party.
Does Curb easily allow Emergency phone calls?
Yes.  The driver can simply push one button to pledge that the phone is being used during an emergency for 30 minutes of uninterrupted use.  Additionally, Curb will always allow incoming and outgoing phone communication with any Curb Pro phone it is linked to as well as calls to 911.
Can Curb completely shut down the phone during unsafe motion?
Yes.  Curb can independently control Texts, Phone Calls, and all Apps.  Blocking all three will effectively prevent all phone distractions.
Can Curb be turned off?
Yes.  All Curb settings can be set to "Allow."  Additionally, location services can be disabled if desired.
Can Curb be linked between different operating systems?
Yes.  Curb or Curb Pro can link between any combinations of Android or iPhone.
Will Curb drain my battery?
Curb requires location services to be activated in order to detect motion, and location services use battery power.  However, Curb uses these services as infrequently as possible in order to maintain battery life.
What if my linked driver tries to disable or remove Curb?
Curb will notify Curb Pro when any of the following events occur:  1) Curb is uninstalled, 2) Curb is deactivated, 3) Location services are turned off, 4) Curb is linked to another phone
I am an employer and need to link more drivers. Can that be done?
Curb developers are currently working on additional commercial solutions.  Please contact us and provide more information about your business needs and we will promptly respond.