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Curb is a mobile phone app that prevents selected functions (Texting, Phone, Apps) from being performed while driving or walking.  Curb can be linked to Curb Pro on a different phone allowing Curb Pro to control the settings of the basic Curb app. 

Curb Pro is most useful to parents of teen drivers and employers of drivers. 
Curb detects phone movement and controls user selected functions at either driving or walking speeds. The primary purpose of Curb is to prevent unsafe behavior that can lead to injuries.

Curb and Curb Pro reside on different phones and are linked allowing Curb Pro to control the settings of Curb. 
Curb products are currently available at Google Play.
Coming soon.
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Protect your family member while
Driving, Walking, or Riding a bike

Studies confirm increasing rates of injuries from walking and riding bicycles.  Curb addresses these dangers by allowing users to select a walking mode.

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